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Sherrards seminar: Employment Law Latest

Plans for our popular 2018 autumn workshops - Employment Law Latest and Employment Headaches - are now well under way and the topics we will be covering in both events are confirmed. Please find below all the details you will need on each event and how to make a booking. You can also download a copy of our 2018 seminar brochure here. We hope to see you at one or more of the seminars later this year.    

Employment Law Latest 2018


Essential for HR and people managers, this half day course will focus on crucial employment law updates, including new legislation, Government reforms and case law. Our interactive style creates an excellent learning environment with ample scope for questions and discussion.

The topics that we will cover in Employment Law Latest 2018 are as follows;

Gender Pay Gap vs Equal Pay – What is the difference?

The extent of the UK’s gender pay gap has been exposed for the first time. We will illustrate, in light of that, the differences between gender pay gap and Equal Pay, and discuss how to defend (and preferably avoid) potential Equal Pay claims.

Is everyone now a worker?

The Uber, Deliveroo and Pimlico Plumbers decisions are significant to all organisations which engage "self-employed" consultants. We will discuss the holiday pay, tax and other implications.

Working Families

Three years after the introduction of Shared Parental Leave, we will review the steps the Government is planning to encourage greater take-up, and review recent case law in this area.

General Data Protection Regulation

We will look at the impact the Regulations have had on employers and how the Information Commissioner’s Office intends to respond in the event of a data breach.


The prospect of the UK leaving the EU in March 2019 raises a number of questions for employers and employees. We will analyse the steps that employers could be taking now to prepare for the change.

Apprenticeships Decline

Employers have complained the Apprenticeship Levy is hard to understand, and the number of apprenticeships has declined rather than increased. We will review why this is and look at the legal framework and the practicalities of hiring an apprentice.

Managing and avoiding claims from employees with mental health issues

Recent case law has arguably made it more difficult to manage performance and disciplinary issues involving employees with mental health issues. We will review that case law, but also look at the positive responsibilities of employers and discuss why investing in employee wellness is good for business.

Dress Codes

The Government Equalities Office has published new guidance on dress codes and sex discrimination. What are the implications for employers?

Round Up

An detailed assessment of significant recent case decisions.

Venues and Dates

  • South Lodge, Sussex - Wednesday 10th October
  • The RAC, London - Monday 15th October
  • Camberley Heath Golf Club, Surrey - Thursday 1st November


Employment Headaches 2018


This business focused, half day course will take attendees through over 20 practical scenarios.It is highly interactive and involves delegates in considering real-life workplace issues.

Venues and Dates

  • South Lodge, Sussex - Monday 12th November
  • The RAC, London - Wednesday 14th November
  • Camberley Heath Golf Club, Surrey - Monday 19th November


Employment Headaches that will be covered in the workshop include:

An employee is being uncooperative about seeing the company doctor, and says this will make him more unwell. What are our options for dealing with this?

We would rather not use pools in a redundancy exercise, because we don't want to worry too many people. What are the risks if we don't use pools?

A dyslexic employee claims she was ridiculed for making spelling mistakes in a presentation. Have we any exposure here?

Our sales reps submit expenses for mileage but our system is quite easy to manipulate. Our Finance Director now thinks that fraudulent entries are a factor in the soaring cost of our expenses and wants to install car trackers. Can we?

Joel has been absent without leave. I tried to contact him without success but spoke to his son who said he was off work due to a car crash. However Joel’s colleague has now heard from him and he said he was not in hospital at all but in prison! Can we dismiss him?

If employees want to opt out of auto enrolment do we still have to make employer contributions to their pension?

An employee with 3 years’ service wants to move into a different role.  We are happy for him to do so, but can we have a probationary period and say that he can’t go back to his old job if it doesn’t work out?

Abigail is struggling in her role. She has told you that she suffers with clinical depression, but has asked you not to tell anybody else.  What are our obligations?

We have interviewed a candidate for a role. She’s ideal but told us she used to be an alcoholic.  Can we offer her the role with the condition that if she ever consumes any alcohol again she will be immediately dismissed?

If a prospective employee refuses to give his current, or most recent, employer as a named referee on the consent form, can we withdraw a job offer if it’s already been accepted?

Costs and Timings

The cost of one delegate at Employment Law Latest or Employment Headaches is £170 + VAT and the course is half a day, running from 09:00 to approximately 12:15, followed by a buffet lunch.

If you would like more information any of the events listed above or wish to make a booking of one or more places send an e mail to

You can also book and pay on line by clicking on the DETAILS button below and following the instructions.


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